Featured Projects

We love challenges and strive to find the most out-of-the-box solutions that perfectly fit your needs.


Delivery list


The application optimizes the delivery capabilities providing users with personalized routes based on the customers’ locations. It shortens the delivery time and reduces costs ensuring streamlined efficiency. The program allows to fill in a list of geo-coordinates or addresses and create a sequence of them based on the distance. Entering the customer list and driver list users get optimized routes for every driver accelerating the planning time and ensuring the effectiveness of the routes.


Code generator


One of the projects we developed was dedicated to the creation of a portal that generates customized QR codes providing users with real-time information. There are three types of accounts which influence the range of features available for users. The payment may be performed via PayPal or JVZoo API integration. QR codes can be trackable requesting user’s geo-location or even more unique for Platinum account holders with the statistics tracking functionality providing information about city, country, device, IP and date.




Our customer approached us to build a tool for effective project management that can support the communication between project participants via an effective web application. The program collects, updates, exports and manage the schedule, links actions and host web links accessing the information in real time from both desktop and mobile devices. It also displays real-time indicators of the project status, team member performance, project’s risks and others.



Real Estate

An owner of real estate agency noticed that his employees’ productivity could be much higher if they didn’t have to reenter lots of data into programs they used. Numerous records related to tenants, buyers and properties are stored in separate systems requesting a lot of time to get a full picture for every particular case. We have built a cloud-based CRM system to store and manage all the data in a single place. We ensured that it could be accessed within any operating system and from any device.




Procurement management is a complicated process which involves approval of purchase requests, evaluation of RFQs, and matching invoices making the overall operation time-consuming. We were asked to develop a cloud-based architecture for a Saas-based platform for small and mid-sized companies and complement it with an intuitive end-user dashboard. The solution we delivered let users and decision makers collaborate without a headache.


Art Gallery


Art and design lover and a founder of a big company approached us to bring his vision of making art available real. The project was concerned around end-users enabling them to bring art items to their homes without leaving their houses. We developed intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms which let consumers to get acquainted with world art. Users not only can see the catalogue of pieces of art but also require some adjustments to fit the items, and buy it online.