Expert Custom Application Development - The Working Credo of Our Company

We guarantee to provide customers with advanced IT solutions and high-tech apps.

Our company can have a highly professional development team, with an acute production technology and for each industry to establish a successful application to provide a solid experience. We have a wide range of enthusiastic comments on a wide range of wallets and users. Become our customers and feel all the benefits of the results of the tailored development project. Magora experts can help you.

Commercial software development needs

Modern software can be divided into three groups:

  • System software - the leading hardware component management program. This helps your computer run more efficiently.
  • Programming software - the layout used to create the program
  • Application Software - A program designed to perform certain tasks. Database system, office suite, computer games are considered application software.

The latter goes well and the demand for application development grows steadily with the amount of services you can get. To get the right application for your business, you must first choose between custom and off-the-shelf software.

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Custom Software

If your main goal is to keep your company at the top of the list, the best option is customization. And custom software is exactly the tool, which will help you to answer all your buyers’ wishes. Perfectly made app use its first line of requirements and provides accurate functionality, data storage and analysis, social media and mail integration, asset management and marketing research consolidated data. Through our service, you will have an incredible solution to speed up your internal and external business processes.

Custom application development is the best option if you want to streamline your workflow and take advantage of all the digital capabilities the software can do. The unique chances to be the leader among all the competitors is to create the best mobile application.

Tailor-made web application

Our proposed network solution will make it easier to use the network. Our developers will build web apps based on their ideas and expectations to simplify complex computing or time-consuming processes. The new application will accelerate all operations and help your employees and customers process your business online. You'll get an efficient project management tool, a complete operating system, a dedicated network or any interface you need, and the most convenient features.

Custom Mobile apps

The world today is moving completely, and now most business processes can be run by mobile devices. Modern mobile applications require new development methods to meet users' needs.To answer this, we have developed cross-platform native apps that combine all the advantages of the operating system we are using.

The iOS platform is known for its invincible and stable operation. We create multifunctional programs working smoothly on Apple devices, favored in the eyes of the most complex public. Android occupies a large part of the digital market, and some of its users are growing rapidly. We've developed apps based on Google's requirements for all Android devices, making the design great on the most popular screens.

In general, we work on two major platforms - iOS and Android.

Ready-made Software

Commercial or off-the-shelf software is designed with general users in mind and is usually developed for specific purposes and is available to the public. You do not need to spend custom development, but you must pay the usage fee based on your license. In fact, the price of long-term licenses may be higher.

Despite the potential benefits and low down-front costs, if you need to provide high-end apps for your enterprise, these apps do not seem like the best decisions:

  • Standard software generally does not require the user's needs
  • You need to buy programs that just needs to complete almost what you need
  • It is confusing and not easy to use
  • It is difficult to be changed or updated

However, you can modify some of the existing apps, such as open source. Our developers can specify a variety of features that your company needs, but each time a new update needs to be restored from scratch, that means new costs and concerns.

Custom apps

The professional development of custom apps has significant advantages and offers the opportunity to upgrade your undertaking to a higher level:

  • Exclusive Features - Our developers develop a program based on customer needs.
  • Flexibility - this digital products can be easily integrated with the company's existing IT tools.
  • Modifications - The program outline can be modified after publication to reflect all the ever-changing business needs.
  • Website development - our partners can participate in each of the development phases, control the application development process and obtain information on each stage.
  • Professional Approach - Our experts will find the best way to put ideas into life and give suggestions for different solutions in order to get the best results.

We always represent the most effective way, even if it demands from us more patience and tests in implementation.. Rely on our experience at a reasonable price to get all the services.

The best investment in future growth

When you are choosing the custom app development, in return you get the unique product, which will save you a lot of money and efforts in the future.

Your own application will cover all costs in one of the following ways:

  • Considerable performance improvement in the long run saves a lot of time and money
  • Creating sustainable profits and reward

It is not easy to develop a custom application because the project budget depends on the needs of the client. In either case, each case requires different functions and methods. A simple application with a basic function requires a level of consumption of time and money, a great multi-function optimized program - another.

The average price of the development case fluctuates between $ 20K and $ 1 million, which seems quite reasonable compared to other development companies. For more information, call us, discuss all the details of your project, your expectations, and calculate the approximate cost of your custom software to define your type.


Enterprise Edition

Specific types of apps can significantly improve any business function, and most future-oriented companies will soon be aware of this and start looking for the best solution. This software is called Enterprise apps (EA), developed for the business environment. This complex, work-centric, scalable, component-based and mission-critical platform can only be created and designed by experienced professional developers like ours. It includes several programs and is designed with some incomparable functions.

When it comes to computer based systems, EA is a special requirement. These apps can handle online shopping, payment, content management, computer billing, font planning, and other management processes. EA is a great way to improve efficiency and productivity and get advanced support.

  • Access to the latest resources and technologies
  • Optimization of working processes
  • Considerable expense reduction
  • Accurately regulated terms of work performance
  • Reliable results

Small Business Application

The development of custom apps is not only suitable for large companies, but also small startups. The potential functionality of the application is growing and can be very useful in all industries. Although sometimes the costs of developing apps are high, but usually within a year they will be wasted. They help save staff time to complete routine procedures and provide a wide range of other advantages for small business owners, as follows:

  • Recognized Brand
  • Help support and attract customers
  • Generate income

Working with us, you’ll get high-quality custom software, which will provide your company many advantages.

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Custom Application Development

Since 2009, our company has had a successful experience in providing customer application development services, and now we have the opportunity to design and implement the software that best suits your company needs. If you do not have enough knowledge in the IT industry, we are always ready to consult you about modern IT approaches, help you to increase the efficiency of your business, automate day-to-day operations, manage personal information, or improve your user experience. Our main goal is to identify your needs and develop successful custom solutions for your enterprise.

Our tools

As a highly professional application developer, we use a variety of tools to build the most powerful custom software for our clients. With the help of our team of experts, use CSS style, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Microsoft Silverlight and so on. With our PHP developers and Java experts, ASP.NET programmers and HTML5 web masters we can turn your business into efficient digital tool.

Our method of development

The only way to develop a complex, high-performance application is to resolve all the details of the first step. We follow a step-by-step procedure to allow access to the customer's business processes and to understand all the internal factors of the business. Work with clients to define the issues to be addressed, discuss all the details and the most important features of the project. We always follow your business strategies. This helps to develop the minimum viable product.

MVP is the first version of your future application, which includes the most valuable features. In the future versions we can add more attractive design and additional functionality. But for the market test MVP is the best tool. And in our cooperation with the partners, we are putting all the wishes as part of structured and prioritised plan to implement all of the features one-by-one. Our creators design user-friendly projects to meet users' preferences. We continue to test the program to eliminate all errors. When everything works fine, our developers will perform other functions that make the application more functional and even more attractive, based on the first results of the market tests.

When the product is published and tested on the real-life conditions of the actual user, we will continue to update the app based on the feedback. Our post-launch support is one of the key factors for success of all the custom products we produce.

Let’s work together

Custom application development services can solve many of the problems you encounter during your work. We know how to update your business with an efficient digital solution and we are ready to share with you our expertise in web and mobile design. Contact us and get a great advantage over your competitors through custom high tech apps.