The Cost of Outsourcing App Development

It is entirely reasonable to engage an experienced developers and to approve all nuances of your project directly with our highly skilled team of professionals. We are ready to do the cost estimation for you just now.

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The Best IT Solution for Your Enterprise

If you need to optimize the working processes but have no in-house resources or your team of programmers has a lot of everyday duties and can not cope with new tasks of business environment, you should better focus on the core activities and let our outsourcing company find the best IT solution for your enterprise.

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What about the price?

The reliable developer will always help you to find methods to lower costs, without making a compromise on quality. In app development, the project budget generally depends on the type of the software which clients want to create. For example, the simple corporate system will cost less than complex solutions with many functions and the integrated tools.

Human resources is another important factor which determines the budget. It is evident that when you hire a freelancer to work on your app all alone, the cost will be lower than if you hire a complete group of designers, coders, managers, testers, etc.

Average cost of outsourcing app development

It must be kept in mind that in addition to the hardware necessary for the development process, you have to pay for hosting and domain name. Some digital companies can also charge a developer fee, and all these payments may monthly repeat. The cost for app development can vary from $25 to $250 an hour depending on the designer. The price can also change in relation to the level of complexity of the app. Developers will probably take more money if the app is multipurpose, or demand many integrated services, for example, in-app payments. Creation cost of a simple program can vary from $10,000 to $50,000. At the same time, the cost for development of complicated solutions may rise as high as up to $1 Mio. Of course, there are definite reasons for overestimating of the costs, such as ensuring regular updates of the software, supporting the user problems, tracking customer feedbacks and more.

Value assessment

You can reduce costs if you know precisely what functions you want that your program possesses and accurately transfer these requirements to a developer. On the contrary, if you have no specification for the future application, it can resolutely lift costs and slower the time of extimation. As befor the calculation can be done,several stages of negotiations to find out the initial task for software should be implemented.

So, it’s a good practice to make the list of functions which you want to have and develop a comprehensive mobile strategy before proceding to the actual development. Request a quote from our developers, and we will provide you a value assessment and clarify functionality demands. With our outsourcing company, you can be sure that your investments will eventually pay off.

Possible additional expenses

One of the outsourcing features is the need for close interaction with the company which is carrying out these or those tasks. Often there are training costs and need of additional explanations of specifics business processes of the organization. As a result, it will lead to the essential growth of the final cost of services. But the situation described above can be easily avoided by our competent staff, taking the adequate managerial and legal measures.

Feel the Advantages of Outsourcing

Once having used our outsourcing IT services, you will be convinced that problems of your entity will be solved at a very high level in the most shortest terms. It is much better to pay attention to the primary tasks of the company than to penetrate into software development process, that will be undertaken by our professional team.

Make use of the outsource benefits

Advantages of the use of outsourcing IT solutions:

  • Access to the latest resources and technologies
  • Optimization of working processes
  • Considerable expense reduction
  • Accurately regulated terms of work performance
  • Reliable results

It is evident that managing the in-house staff of programmers will be costly as the equipment used by these specialists needs maintenance, updating and upgrade. Many businesses have already understood this and give preferences to outsourcing services.


Development and Support

Trusting outsourcing to our company, possessing the vast experience in web app development, you can increase quality and reliability of objectives accomplishment and be sure in the final result. Our team of programmers consists of the highly professional experts, selected in compliance with our strict requirements:

  • Vast experience and portfolio
  • Innovative approach to development
  • Use of effective methods
  • Correct organization of working process
  • Development of the custom software

Our services

Our company has experience of more than 8 years of successful work. We are ready to provide the full range of services for outsourcing app development:

  • Work with requirements
  • Analytics of business process
  • Technical consultations
  • Development of a prototype
  • Design of a prototype and programming
  • Control and testing
  • Installation and optimization
  • Further technical support
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What Difficulties you May Face with Offshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a good choice if you cooperate with the professional development company, but if you make the wrong choice, this decision can turn into the considerable problem. We will tell you about the risks you may face when choosing the offshore outsourcing software development company.

Risks of outsourcing app development

First of all, when you offer a resident of another country to take part in the decisive process which defines the future of your company, you risk being converted to cultural barriers. Outsourcing software development proceeded by external agency means that cultural ideas of aesthetics and technology can differ, and as software development is mainly made on the side of the Third World countries, the standards used by external developers can not correspond to recent trends in the advanced countries. Other problem consists in the fact that they will need more time to understand the details of your project which could result in lower time and economic efficiency.

Problems with communication

Linguistic sharing is one of the main shortcomings. As you know, app development is a complicated process during which the participants have to share and express the difficult ideas and also carefully thought over IT terminology.

It is tough to express all your thoughts in detail to the person who does not perfectly speak your language. Besides, the person you transferring your project requirements is thousands of kilometers away in front of the camera of the computer which can be followed by risks of bad Internet connection and bad communication quality in general.

How much value does the developer bring?

But let's return to a subject, the basic reason why many companies choose outsourcing, is the cost. Yes, the external outsourcing company of the third world may charge you a tempting $15 an hour, but will the investments pay off eventually? An experienced outsource app developer who offers services at $150 an hour probably will bring you more value, than three junior developers working abroad at $15 per hour each.

Safety risks

Safety issues and data leakages are also frequent companions of foreign development. The statistics show that the outsource development experiences data leaks and IP losses 30% more often than the enterprises that build their software inside the country. Even if you sign the non-disclosure agreement, you provide valuable information on the business and precautions as settings of court.

Emergency signals to watch out for

It is entirely clear that even being aware of possible risks, sometimes outsourcing is the unique option. If you decided that you want to hire external application developers to create your business application, here is the list of alarm signals to watch out for in case of the choice of such agency:

  • Extremely low cost. $75 an hour - the average standard to low cost that developers in this price tire charge. If you invest into developers who load $5-15 an hour for their services of software designing, it should strike a prevention note that the product will probably have low quality.
  • Inappropriate contact information. Pay attention to contact details which the developer gives you. Development agencies based abroad, often buy the British or American zone code or use a temporary address to contact with internal clients. Modern technologies do such things easily achievable, both some firms, and non-staff experts exploit it as an aggressive strategy to increase their sales. Such developers usually delete this type of contacts after the product was delivered to prevent further transfer if there are any problems with the application. To salvage themselves of a problem, thoroughly investigate the candidates for employment and check the local or office numbers they provide.
  • Unsafe wire transfers. Wire transfers are much less safe than credit card transfers. Be on the alert when the developer demands wire transfer instead of the credit card one. A reputable digital agency will accept secure payments which minimize probability of frauds and legal issues.

In-house App Development

Some companies prefer to create applications in-house because they believe that it is cheaper, quicker, more manageable, and much more efficient. You think of in-house app development? Then you should know about the three main difficulties with which the companies which prefer to develop applications themselves face:

  • Problems with knowledge and experience of the employee. Even with the team of ten pilot developers working on the project, it is more than 90% of the companies, according to recent researches, lack employees with necessary skills to finish internal projects.
  • In-house development is less cost and time-effective. Primary members of the group of developers include a number of programmers, a designer, a project manager and a quality assurance specialist. You may need weeks to find people with proper skills and to hire them.
  • In-house software development includes many risks. Your digital specialists can not have high standard of knowledge and experience which you will not even know whether you are knowledgeable in development of the software. Scalability and traceability can also cause problems because you will have not enough staff if the project extends or may have problems when managing the process.